Free Trials tips and FAQs is a directory of free trials compiled and maintained by an enthusiastic bunch of freebie lovers.

We have put together this FAQ to cover common queries we receive.

Why should I sign up for a free trial? 

A free trial is a great opportunity to try out a service before becoming a paying customer. Some free trials can net you stuff you can keep (such as audiobooks and food) and allow you to watch unlimited films and TV series. There are an amazing array of free trials out there that can provide you with entertainment, allow you to try new experiences and help you achieve goals.

Why do I need to give my payment details? 

Most companies will require you to provide payment details when you sign up for a free trial. Once the free trial period ends your payment method will automatically be charged unless you cancel before this.

How do I cancel the free trial? 

You will need to contact the company who is providing the free trial.

Cancelling is usually as easy as pressing a button in your online account on the company’s website. However, sometimes you may need to email or phone them. It will usually be made clear on the company’s free trial sign-up page or within the company’s own FAQ or help section how you need to cancel.

Please don’t contact us to cancel a trial. We are just a directory of free trial offers and don’t manage these in any way.

TIP: Set a calendar reminder so you don’t forget to cancel!

My free trial wasn’t cancelled 

The free trials we list are from reputable companies and we rarely hear about things going wrong. If you asked the company to cancel the free trial but they did not act on this and have charged you then you could consider making a complaint and also contact your bank. You can get help from Citizens Advice Consumer Service. 

Can I sign up for a free trial if I have already used the service? 

Free trials are normally for new customers. However, the company may invite you to a further free trial in the future.